Barb's Old-Fashion Homemade fudge, chocolate and confections are all available with or without nuts and lovingly made one batch at a time.

Please plan ahead when ordering your special homemade confections, because it could be up to a 2 week delivery date. {exceptions: maple sugar candies and fudge are available for immediate shipment}

This is a "seasonal item" and is only available from October through December.

20 Flavors of Barb's Old-Fashion Homemade
Fudge, Chocolates and Confections
  • Smooth and Delicious Peanut Butter Fudge "our best seller"
  • Maple Walnut Chocolates
  • Chocolate ( semi-sweet and milk chocolate )
  • Maple Coated Walnuts
  • Divinity "the most divine" and elegant fudge we offer; old fashioned goodness seldom found any more".
  • Penuche "brown sugar fudge, just like your grandmother used to make"
  • Peanut Butter Cups "need we say more"
  • Needhams "also known as potato candy"
  • White Chocolate "rich and smooth"
  • Caramel Treats "chewy caramel and nut center sandwiched between milk chocolate"
  • Caramel Swirl "caramel sauce swirled through base of white chocolate fudge"
  • Buckeyes "smooth peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate"
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries "elegant cherry fondant wrapped around maraschino cherry and dipped in chocolate"
  • Ribbon Fudge "a favorite featuring a double deck of milk chocolate bottom and peanut butter top"
  • Butterscotch-2tone
  • Peanut Clusters "a base of dry roasted peanuts swirled in a semi-sweet chocolate drop"
  • Chocolate Walnut Drops
  • Rocky Road, "yummy" chocolate fudge swirled with nuts, marshmallows, and caramel
  • Mocha
  • Solid Chocolates Teddy Bears
$16.95 a pound