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Maple Syrup Trivia

  • It takes 40 gallons of sugar maple sap to make one gallon of pure Maine Maple Syrup.
  • It takes freezing cold nights and warm sunny days with temperatures in the 40's and up before the sap will run.
  • It takes approximately 40 years for a sugar maple tree to reach tapping size. The sugar maples need to be tapped, the lines run, the buckets hung, the sap gathered daily, the wood cut, the fires watched, the sap boiled down to syrup, and the syrup packaged and labeled before it reaches your table.
  • Bob's pure Maine Maple Syrup is 100% FAT FREE.
maple leaf


Light Amber colored syrup is most often made from the first, brief flows of the season. It has pronounced sweetness with a very delicate maple flavor and is popular with maple connoisseurs.

Medium Amber has a slightly darker amber color with a gentle but more pronounced maple flavor. This syrup is desirable for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and cereal and is a great all-purpose syrup.

Dark Amber syrup has a uniquely balanced maple sweetness that makes it a pleasing syrup for many consumers. Its characteristic flavoring makes it a favorite for cooking, as well as a superb table syrup.

Extra Dark Amber has a very hardy maple flavor but less pronounced sweetness. It may be used as table syrup or in cooking.

Maine has a mandatory maple syrup grading law. Pure Maine syrup must adhere to some of the strictest standards for density, clarity, color, and flavor. Maple inspectors enforce these laws and assist producers in maintaining high standards and superior quality in their maple products.