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Happy Holidays

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Special Holiday Treats

8.45 oz. Painted Snowman

8.45oz Snowman Flask Bottle

Jolly Santa Claus

Skiing Santa 8.45oz LaBasque


Jolly Old Santa Claus

Cow on Skis LaBasque

2oz Pure Maple Sugar Candy Leaf

Maple Cotton Candy Tub

Four 3 oz. BBQ Season Pack
We offer a variety of gift baskets ranging in price. Call for special pricing or giive us a price range and we will custom fill a basket with your choice of items... Wonderful gift from Maine for anyone from the youngest to the oldest...

The actual basket may differ slightly from picture shown.

Below are suggestions... send us some of your own preferences in product and we will custom filled your basket for you. The Snowman Gift Box which will hold various size plastic or glass decanters with Maine Maple Syrup. The holiday bottle holders and/or bottle huggers which are very popular. This year we offer a heavy duty, beautifully painted box with matching cover in various holiday designs which can be filled with your choice of products.

If any of the above ideas is of interest, please give us a call at (207) 564-2145 or e-mail us at
Thank you again for your interest and Happy holidays!
Bob & Barb from Bob's Sugarhouse
To order call (207) 564-2145

The Sampler Basket

Traditional Maine Breakfast Basket
Sweet Tooth Basket The Piscataquis Basket  

Maine Maple Beyond Pancakes

Maple Cookbook

Very Maple Syrup Book

The Maine Wild Blueberry Cookbook

Wild Berries of Maine Cookbook

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