At Bob’s Sugarhouse we realize that the cost of shipping is a big consideration for anyone shopping online. That’s why we list our shipping costs as “to be determined”. Once you have placed you order, we will find the most economical way to ship it to you, either UPS or USPS (flat rate or postal), whichever is most economical. This is determined not only by the weight of the package, but also by the size, and zip code that it’s shipping to. This is a little more work for us, but we do not want to over charge our customers by using a flat rate shipping chart. We only charge you what it costs us for actual shipping costs and packaging. Because of this, and because the website will not allow us to add the shipping cost once the order is entered, you will see two line charges for Bob’s Sugarhouse. One is for the actual product, and the other is for the shipping. If you would like to know what the shipping cost will be prior to your package being billed out and shipped, just let us know.  We will gladly email (or call if you prefer) with the cost before we send the package to you.

Bob’s Sugarhouse takes every precaution to ensure that your package arrives in good condition. We are not responsible for damages to the product caused by shipping agents.

Bob’s Sugarhouse operates as a UPS agent and ships worldwide.